Vicki’s passion is to help people like you connect with your Creator so you can live the life of sheer goodness that God has planned for you.

Convinced that our beliefs register in our bodies and feelings that we bury manifest into illness, Vicki has utilized, benefited from and trained in a variety of mind and body modalities to help release those feelings to allow for a happier, more fulfilling life.

The healing she has personally experienced from the trauma and trials in her life led her to start writing. Knowing and experiencing first hand that there can sometimes be a difference between belief and truth, she is keenly aware that we can believe things about ourselves and situations that we are in that aren’t necessarily true and we need to be close to the Source of Truth for our hope and healing.

By relaxing our nervous system and reprogramming our brain to interpret past events differently we can be freed from damaging subconscious beliefs the prevent us from relishing in God’s plan of sheer goodness for us.


This message shared in her book Out of the River resonated with so many that Vicki worked with a counselor friend to create a companion journal called Getting out of the River”  helping to identify and be released from toxic situations, beliefs or behaviors.

Her desire to bring hope to a hurting world has also manifested in her Stations of Hope for which she was granted a nihil obstat and imprimatur, a formal declaration stating her work is free from doctrinal and moral error.  Her interpretation of the Stations of the Cross has a version for Adults and Children, is available in six languages and in printed, e-book and audio book formats.  She also created a Lenten Activity Book for classroom use with fun daily activities to help preschoolers through 8th graders stay focused and engaged from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

In addition to her solo authoring efforts, she and her husband Tom have written “The Marriage Alphabet” . Committed to the covenant they made on their wedding day, they have weathered the little storms that married life can bring, but they weren’t quite prepared for the whopper that blew their way 17 years into their marriage when repressed memories of Vicki’s past sexual abuse began surfacing.  With their perseverance and faith, what could have destroyed their union, instead made their bond even stronger.  Now they mentor other couples helping them thrive through whatever storm blows their way.

This multi-talented lady is a inspiring author, speaker, motivator, organizer, planner, as well as gifted seamstress and gardener.  However, ‘wife’, ‘mother’ and ‘child of God’ are the titles most cherished to Vicki.


Vicki has multiple certifications to assist you in clearing any blocks that are preventing you from connecting to God’s Plan of Sheer Goodness for you.

Certified Reflexologist

EFT Practitioner- Currently working on Certification through EFT Universe

Certified Practitioner in Access Consciousness


Her Wellness Story

Vicki married Tom Dau in 1987 and have been blessed with 7 children here (same husband, no multiples, in case you are asking) and 4 waiting in heaven, and have spent their whole life together “swimming upstream.” Going against the flow.

Their alternative wellness journey began right when they first met and Vicki had fallen and severely hurt her back. She received great relief with acupuncture treatments and was introduced to a home birth doctor’s practice and subsequently delivered six of their seven at home, drug free. Nursing all seven of their children but having problems with their eldest two children with DPT and MMR vaccines, the alternative wellness immersion continued as they educated themselves in the dangers of vaccines.

Their research led to alternatives to antibiotics and prescription drugs. Homeopathic Remedies and Young Living Essential Oils have allowed the Dau Family to remain antibiotic free and prescription drug free since 1988.

The many forms of energy work and therapies have certainly come in handy, as Vicki has worked through the traumatic effects of her past sexual abuse.

Understanding there is value and a place for the techniques and mentality of western medicine, but convinced in the importance of addressing the whole person, the Dau family has found benefit from:

Chiropractic care
Health Kinesiology
Path to Joy Wellness
Theophostic Prayer
Bio-Touch Feedback
Access Consciousness
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Eucharistic Adoration
Bible Studies
Essential Oil Therapy
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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Vicki’s skill set is vast but it boils down to illuminating God’s plan of sheer goodness for you personally.  Helping you live the life she believes God wants you to enjoy.  And if you have any blocks that prevent you from believing that or living that, she is trained in multiple mind-body modalities to clear those blocks.


Vicki is currently available to speak to Women’s Groups, Jr. High, High School, Confirmation groups and on Retreats about the following topics:

Your Body is a Barometer
How to identify and use your circumstances and what is going on with your body as a gauge to tell if you are on the right track of God’s plan of sheer goodness for you.

It’s the SAME Spirit!
Yep, it is!  The same exact spirit that came upon the apostles at Pentecost comes on us at our Confirmation!  Inspired by the literal warmth and closeness she felt at her own Confirmation is what motivates Vicki to teach and get fired up about what it means to be confirmed in the Catholic Church.  Educating. Motivating. Empowering. Energizing.

That doesn’t jive!
Journey through the questions and oxymorons Vicki has experienced, been challenged by and reconciled with, and still came out appreciating the Catholic faith.

Get out of that river!
9 steps to identifying and being released from toxic situations, environments, beliefs or behaviors. Based on “Out of the River,” the parable of empowerment, freedom and truth.

Fix your surroundings, lower your stress!
Top 10 Stress-Busting Tips.

Sleep better, feel better, live your dreams!
10 tips for a great night’s sleep.

As Easy as 1-2-3:
3 Essential Components to organize your busy household and live in peace…most of the time anyway.

Protecting your Marriage Covenant
The A, B, C’s of building a strong union. Keeping the spark alive can be as simple as A, B, C. Based on her book co-authored with her husband Tom.


Vicki and her husband Tom mentor engaged and married couples.  They hold day workshops and interactive evenings as well as private couple mentoring.  Though they enjoy working with any couple committed to building a strong union, they specialize in working with one-on-one with couples affected by past sexual abuse.  Their first hand experience in overcoming the effects of past trauma makes them a tremendous resource and example to any couple wanting to rise above the muck and make their union stronger instead of letting the past circumstances dissolve their marriage.


De-Stressing Sessions

Vicki’s education, certifications and experience have allowed her to create a truly unique De-stressing Session that is personalized you and your needs. She works best with motivated, go-getter, driven professionals who are ready to get rid of the triggers from limiting beliefs and events that may be preventing them to fully connecting to God’s plan of sheer goodness for them.  Get more information HERE

In her signature De-Stressing Sessions, Vicki combines her knowledge and certification skills involving Reflexology, EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, Access Consciousness, and Essential Oils to create a customized session for you.

Read how Vicki’s clients are singing her praises on her Testimonials page.

60-90 minute sessions are available in person, on the phone or via Zoom and completely confidential. Contact Vicki today

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) Sessions

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as tapping is a self-help tool to remove the emotional charge or trigger from an event, allowing you to function from a more rational state.  By tapping on certain meridian points close to the skin while focusing on a feeling, you send a message to your brain that you are safe and you don’t have to freak out.  Your amygdala gets reprogrammed, allowing you to move forward in your life and not be ruled by the negative emotions buried in your subconscious mind.

60 minute sessions are available in person, on the phone or via Zoom and completely confidential. Contact Vicki today

Reflexology Sessions

Vicki’s husband calls it his “whole body relaxation and energy reset.”  When the body is relaxed and the nervous system stimulated, it is a perfect opportunity for healing to take place.  By gently touching points on the feet and hands, stress is reduced, your body calms down and you can think clearer and give your body a chance to heal from the inside out.

10-60 minute sessions are available at her office or at your home or office
(travel cost may apply) Contact Vicki today

Access Consciousness

In an Access Consciousness session, Vicki touches a series of points on the head to delete the negative thought patterns that may be sabotaging your connections with God’s plan of sheer goodness for you.

60 minute sessions are available at her office or at your home or office
(travel cost may apply) Contact Vicki today

Assistant or Virtual Assistant

Because of her experience in business building and organizational management, Vicki has been an assistant to multiple entrepreneurs helping them de-clutter their minds and office/home spaces, spread their message with newsletters, social media promotion, and whatever specialty services are needed.

Hourly rates for services at her office or at your home or office
(travel cost may apply) Contact Vicki today

Mass Readings

So many people have complimented Vicki in her ability to proclaim the word of God through the readings at mass since she began in 1979, she decided to share her gift each week in the hopes you find inspiration and your relationship with God is enhanced.

CLICK HERE to listen to Vicki’s proclamations of the mass readings.

T-Shirt Quilts

Not sure what to do with all those t-shirts your kid has collected over the years?  Turn them into a quilt!


Palm Weaving

Wanna learn how to weave beautiful creations with the palms you get on Palm Sunday?



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